Songs in the Key of Corona, Part 2

As I explained in Part 1, I was cleaning up a big chunk of my technique, and I realized that even after decades, there was always room for improvement. My strength was coming back day by day. The first days, I could barely play 10 or 15 minutes before collapsing and having to take a nap. That’s how much this virus can take out of anyone who has it, even those with only milder symptoms. After a while, I could play for much longer, take a break, and start again. I was simultaneously getting my technique and my stamina back, and I was enjoying it.

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Songs in the Key of Corona, Part 1

These have been strange times. Our artistic lives have suddenly been stopped dead. Lots of us don’t know when or even if our careers will resume at some point. Some people are getting entirely out of the music business and orienting their career paths in completely different directions, because they see no other way forward.

Some of us have also been directly affected by the coronavirus. I’m one of them.

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